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New companies need to find accommodation suitable to their needs. Incubators provide the appropriate support and advice to new projects facilitating their development and growth. They also serve as relay-centres offering a temporary location to foreign companies setting up their business in Luxembourg. 

Incubation offers numerous advantages:

  • receiving support from the initial idea to business establishment during a preparatory phase - the "pre-incubation"
  • having access to advantageous renting terms for a limited period of time
  • benefiting from personalised support (visits at regular intervals, tailored services, etc.)
  • participating in networks (actions to encourage communication between hosted companies, organisation of events on site, etc.)
  • giving exposure to the business (media coverage of hosted companies, press coverage, representation at fairs)
  • benefiting from training sessions intended for entrepreneurs as well as employees

In order to be admitted to an incubator, the project must be innovative and preferably oriented towards technological development. It must also be based on a solid business plan. 



The  House of Biohealth is an incubator providing offices and laboratory space for biotech, ICT and cleantech companies.


The  lux future lab is a business incubator and training platform of BGL BNP Paribas which offers a number of facilities:

  • attractive and flexible rentals
  • access to training programs
  • access to mentorship/coaching opportunities
  • access to the lux future lab networks, both national and international
  • support for marketing services and events management


Platform and incubator for companies in the construction and eco-technology sector.


nyuko is a place dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and creation by offering everyone the opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial skills, to be accompanied and to meet people willing to contribute to launch their business.

nyuko offers 3 services:

  • nyuko learning - to be accompanied, gain skills and gain new business contacts
  • nyuko sharing - and its coworking space. 400 m2 of shared workspace, meeting rooms, training and catering spaces. The coworkers also have access to a wide range of amenities such as wifi or professional-quality printers
  • nyuko funding - to link entrepreneurs and potential investors from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The "business angels" will choose to support them by investing in their business.


Paul Wurth  InCub is a Business incubator devoted to develop successful entrepreneurs in the Industrial Technologies ( #InduTech) sector, by providing Paul Wurth’s international expertise and explore new market opportunities together.

Paul Wurth InCub is offering to its members:

  • Expertise
     From feasibility studies and high‐end engineering to industry‐grade products, plants and services. 
  • Business Mentoring 
     Stress testing of business model for industrial sectors through proof‐of‐concepts on industrial use cases.
  • International networking 
     Worldwide market accessibility through our efficient network of local entities, customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Access to investment 
     Access to investment opportunities by private and institutional investors.
  • Premises 
     Access to offices inside our PW InCub House located in Luxembourg city, near the Paul Wurth Headquarters.
  • Partners
     Our cluster of partners will provide you with additional support in specialised fields.


The  Technoport® incubator offers accommodation to project promoters and young innovative enterprises. It offers suitable solutions to all kinds of needs: industrial halls, workshops and well-equipped offices. It can also offer temporary facilities for foreign enterprises that want to get established in Luxembourg.

Incubation offers numerous advantages:

  • the opportunity to start activities immediately, Technoport® being a "plug’n’play" facility
  • coaching from idea to company creation during a preparatory phase - the "pre-incubation"
  • access to advantageous renting terms for a limited period
  • personalised support (visits at regular intervals, specific services, etc)
  • participation in networks (actions to facilitate the communication between hosted companies, organisation of events at the incubator, etc)
  • support to increase the visibility of the company (media coverage of hosted companies, presence in the press, representation at fairs, etc)
  • training opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for their staff.

In order to be admitted in the incubator, projects must be innovative and preferably oriented towards technological development. They should also be based on a  solid business plan.

The main objective of Technoport® is to offer the best conditions possible for the creation and development of technological and innovative projects and enterprises in Luxembourg. The aim is to reduce entrepreneurs' risk for failure as much as possible by offering them access to networks of partners, individualised coaching and a work infrastructure and an environment that correspond to their needs.

The  FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) within the Technoport® is an open prototyping platform where knowledge sharing is essential. Different kinds of tools are available for users (3D printers, laser cutter, milling machines, etc) in order to stimulate people’s creativity.

The service offer is enhanced by the new  coworking spaces on the Belval site which aims to create stronger synergies between hosted entrepreneurs and external skills such as, for instance, marketing or legal expertise.


Workspace for individuals and companies active in  creative industries.