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Collaboration & networking

Innovation projects often require a considerable amount of resources and efforts. Different actors are strongly encouraged to share existing skills and technologies. Collaborations and partnerships between actors from the public and/or private sector can make it possible to rise to technological challenges in an efficient way.

The Luxembourg Cluster Initiative - an efficient platform for networking

One of the main objectives of the clusters is to bring together the various actors in Luxembourg with the goal of fostering new and sustainable business opportunities through collaborative research, development and innovation projects. The clusters offer a platform for networking, collaboration and exchange of experience between the private and public sectors. The activities of the Luxembourg Cluster Initiative include the organisation of regular networking events and Cluster Working Groups meetings.

Networking events

Numerous networking events are regularly organised to foster collaboration:

  • The Cluster's dynamic Working Group meetings allow participants to meet the right partners and to exchange experience
  • the annual forum Business meets Research is dedicated to networking and building public-private partnerships with actors from Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • the Events section of this website presents numerous other networking events, such as workshops, fairs or conferences.

Identifying potential partners

The Luxembourg Portal for Innovation and Research offers an online directory to facilitate partnerships. Descriptions that outline activities, competences, resources (equipment, products and services) and current collaborative projects of public research units and innovative companies that have R&D and innovation activities located in Luxembourg are presented in this directory.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Technology Market on the Luxembourg Portal for Innovation and Research provides a gateway to technology transfer. It presents technology offers and requests published by companies and research laboratories from all over Europe via the Enterprise Europe Network.