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ICT Spring Europe 2012

Date: from 19/06/2012 to 20/06/2012

Place: Luxexpo - Luxembourg/Kirchberg

Innovation is not a game, but a burst of inspiration, tactics and processes: the product of a logical thought. Innovation in ICT inspires and creates value for your business.

ICT Spring is all about innovation: cloud computing, digital distribution, mobility, social networks and media, disruptive technologies, with a special highlight on trust in security.

ICT Spring 2012 will be held on 19 and 20 June 2012 in Luxembourg - and is an excellent opportunity to meet talented Luxembourgish and international experts and to discover the latest ICT innovations and solutions available on the market.

The aim of ICT Spring is to encourage emulation and networking between CIOs, innovation managers, startups, researchers and venture capitalists on a European scale.


Business sectors in the innovation area will be represented in different villages. Each village will bring a mixture of startups and established companies working as partners, researchers or investors for innovation.

The Luxembourg ICT Cluster is official sponsor of ICT Spring Europe 2012 and will be present during the entire event !
Come and meet us at our booth! 

4 ICT Awards in 2012

  • European CIO of the year - awarded to Europe’s best CIO for their global strategies and implemented projects, their technical choices and management skills.
  • European ICT Innovation of the year - awarded to a European company for its innovation culture, innovative products or services and outstanding contribution to its market’s technology leadership. 
  • European Start-up of the year - awarded to a less than 5-year old company for its innovation, dynamism, influence and growth potential in the near future.
  • European ICT Media of the year - awarded to a European online and/or printed media outlet for its involvement, report/article quality, reactivity and dynamism.

Conferences & Workshops

More than 150 demos and masterclasses, powered by startups and ICT leaders, will take place during the event. 

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to attend high-level keynote conferences held by internationally renowned speakers:

DAY ONE - 19 June

10.00 - 12.00          

>> Towards a gaming driven world <<

WARM-UP – We already spend several billion hours a week playing online. The game layer is currently reshaping education and commerce, but… everything can be a game. 

Keynote speeches: 

  • Teemu Huuhtanen, Head of M&A and Investments, Rovio
  • Philip Reisberger, co-CEO of Bigpoint
  • Brian Wong,
  • Antonio Tomarchio, CEO and Founder, BEINTOO


Panel moderated by Chris Redlitz, Founder, Kicklabs

  • Boris Pfeiffer, CEO Kabam
  • Mike Nichols, VP, General Manager, Softkinetic
  • Brian Wong, CEO,
  • Bill Young, Managing Director, EA Ready, Electronic Arts
  • Teemu Huuhtanen, Head of M&A and Investments, Rovio


>> Afternoon Workshop: Numeric Identity <<

Numeric Identity panel discussion with: 

  • Christophe Lambert, actor & ICT investor
  • Victor Emmanuel De Sa, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Geneva Solutions
  • Jean Marc Dufour, Founder, Demat-store


>> Fostering entrepreneurship for innovation <<

INSPIRED – We live in a world of opportunities, but also in an ever changing environment. From innovation to entrepreneurship and funding, ICT Spring Europe brings together testimonies, surveys and perspectives from the brightest minds of the ICT industry.

Keynote speeches:

  • Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO/Founder, Rakuten Group (PriceMinister, Kobo,,…)
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship in ecommerce - Rakuten’s empowerment story and strategic differentiation from others
  • Jalak Jobanputra, Managing Director & Founding Partner, RTP Ventures
    Globalisation: What it Means for Tech Startups


Panel moderated by Jeffrey Edell, Executive Director, TODpix, LLC Former Chairman of InterMix Media, LLC, parent of MySpace, when it was founded

  • Burton Lee, Stanford Engineering
  • Jimmy Fussing Nielsen, Sunstone Capital
  • Hans-Jürgen Schmitz, chairman, LPEA
  • Divya Narendra, CEO and co-founder of SumZero
  • Alexandre Rhéa, PwC Accelerator
  • Andrew Brackin, Founder, GetDealy

DAY TWO - 20 June



>> From building a social business to building a business on social media <<

BOLD – Inspiring a new bold business culture in your company means to get deeply social, but how to get there ?

Keynote speeches:

  • Randi Zuckerberg – Former Head of Marketing Facebook
  • Nils Cleworth, Senior Consultant, Vanksen
  • Jeffrey Edell – Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Emergent TransMedia, LLC , Former Chairman of InterMix Media, LLC, parent of MySpace, when it was founded
  • Garett Gee, CEO, Scan Me


Panel moderated by Howard Greenfield

  • Ammar Bakkar, MBC Group
  • Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Research director, Gartner
  • Dragana Djermanovic, online strategist, Serbian Public Relations Association
  • Elise West, Senior Business Development, Innovit


>> Afternoon Workshop: Mobile payment <<

Mobile Payment panel with:

  • Gilbert Lichter, CEO European Banking Association
  • Victor Emmanuel De SA, Partner and  Chief Strategy Officer at Geneva Solutions SA
  • Patrick Hilt, Chief Mobile Handset Architect, Skype
  • Michael De Jongh, Global Head of Sales, Mobile Billing & Content , Mach Mobile products


>> Turning content into context <<

LOGICS - How big data, analytics and related technologies can address today’s market needs. The  perspective on media challenges from experts, content distributors and users

Keynote speeches: 

  • Ulf Michael Widenius, Founding member, MySQL AB company
  • Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG


Panel moderated by Moshe Bar, General Partner, Atlantic Capital Partners GmbH

  • Ulf Michael Widenius, Founding member, MySQL AB company
  • David Wilde, CIO, Essex County Council
  • Patrick Hilt, Chief Mobile Handset Architect, Skype
  • Shankar Venkataraman, Director and Senior Technical Staff Member in the Big Data product organization, IBM



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